August, 1, 2016

Great Game Plan for Acne I was very impressed with my initial consultation. Corinne was very friendly and took interest into my life and history of acne. She then explained acne in a level of detail I never knew. I left with new found confidence to battle acne and a game plan in place that will become routine. - C.S.

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August, 4, 2016

Acne Lab/Corinne is the Real Deal If you suffer from acne and have tried everything from dermatologists to elimination diets, look no further. Please don't resort to disruptive drugs (e.g., Accutane, the birth control pill). Corinne has the answers. She understands skin better than any MD we've ever met. My daughter's skin looks beautiful, and at 14 she is on a path to great skincare for the rest of her life. What was once a vexing issue has become a source of empowerment. We are so grateful to have found the Acne Lab! - J.A.

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October, 22, 2015

Love Corinne and Carolyn I have been a customer of Acne Lab for a couple of years now and they continue to amaze. The fact that Corinne follows-up like she does giving you undivided attention is really something you don't see anywhere else. I love the addition of Carolyn to the team and after my last visit, I felt like I was part of this family. Being a woman of color and having Corinne understand what my skin needs so well is the icing on this cake. I really love how my skin feels. Thanks Corinne!!!

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October, 16, 2015

Do yourself a favor and try it As a sufferer of acne well into my late twenties (I'm turning 30 soon), I tried everything for my skin for over a decade. No one was able to do more for me than make my acne manageable. At least, that's until I tried the Acne Lab. Corinne does an amazing job of giving you the kind of personalized attention your skin needs, and she'll work with you until she hits on the right balance for your skin. Now when I walk by a mirror, I hardly recognize my skin, it's so clear. Give Acne Lab a try!

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